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Step 1. Open an account

When you are ready to proceed you will need to complete a simple registration process. There is absolutely no cost involved and no obligation to conduct any transaction with us when you have registered.

This registration is standard practice, and by adding "MSP" to the documentation we will guarantee priority handling so that your account can be opened within a few hours of receiving all relevant documents and ID for Anti-Money Laundering purposes, and the checks proving satisfactory.

We will require two forms of ID - one photographic (e.g: driving licence or passport), and the other containing proof of residence (e.g: utility bill). Once received your account will be activated and one of our currency specialists will be assigned to fully understand and execute your requirements.

Step 2. Purchase your currency

We can accommodate almost any currency requirements that you may have, including some of the more obscure ones, quote the best exchange rate and provide unrivalled advice on the best time to exchange your money. 


Once agreed, the exchange rate is guaranteed and will not change. You will then receive an emailed Contract Note which is written confirmation of the transaction that will show the currency you have purchased, the exchange rate and when/where you should pay. This needs to be signed and returned by email, fax or post.


The currency you have purchased is secure and ready for release, upon your instruction and settlement, to an account of your choice. 


When purchasing currency through MSP there are no onward transfer charges on amounts over GBP 30,000 and no hidden fees.


Step 3. Exchange your money

Instruct your bank to remit your funds via CHAPS ( or BACS if time allows ) to pay for the currency purchased and tell us when and where you want the currency to be sent.  


Once your funds have been received your purchased currency will be transferred as per your instruction. 


We will be happy to keep you fully informed of the progress of you payment and can provide a MT100 to prove your funds have been sent. 


Security of funds is assured as all client funds are held in segregated client holding accounts. 

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