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Foreign exchange & international payments made possible with expert advice
Buying or Selling overseas property? 
One-off or regular foreign payments? 
Travel money? 
Whatever your reason, MSP Currency Services guarantee to beat the banks and make sure your money arrives quickly and safely. 
When you need to transfer money overseas MSP will save you time and money.
 Secure Bank to Bank Transfers
Travel Money  to your door

In these uncertain times it’s imperative to have the best possible advice at your disposal. Whilst the big rush to buy properties overseas has certainly abated, there are still some fantastic opportunities around even after the Pound’s devaluation of the past few years.


The need to purchase your currency at the most opportune moment has never been more crucial especially with Brexit casting such a large shadow. Conversely, those who are looking, or needing, to sell overseas investments can take some comfort that the lower Pound will help to offset losses in the sale price.


But it’s not just with property sales and purchases that MSP can help. We can also offer our bespoke services to assist in your emigration to sunnier climes or immigration to the UK, as well as facilitating business and travel cash to your door.


Security of funds is assured as we deal only through FSA/FCA regulated providers and your monies are paid to them and by them.


Contact us now and start planning your currency needs with a company that can truly guarantee independent and invaluable



Trust us, those qualities are a rare commodity in this highly competitive industry.

When you need to transfer money back to the UK, MSP Currency Services will help to make sure you receive the maximum amount

possible by providing the best exchange rate and the best advice on when to convert.

Use MSP to transfer your money to back to the UK. We offer expert advice and a variety of tools to protect you from the

uncertainty of the currency markets and help you to avoid losing money unnecessarily on exchange rate fluctuations. 


You will have your own account manager, who will get to know your requirements and assist you every step of the way.

We use the most reliable and secure payment methods, ensuring your money arrives where it should, when it should. 


Transfers can be arranged on the phone in seconds providing you with a time and cost effective solution.

Moving funds back to the UK
Emigrating ?

If you're planning on starting a new life abroad it’s probable that you’ll need to get your assets converted into a foreign currency. For those not familiar with currency exchange the process can seem confusing, and without the right information it can be hard to know when to change your funds and whether you’re getting a good deal.


By giving you the best possible exchange rate and ensuring your funds get transferred at just the right time MSP saves you money.


By offering friendly, expert guidance and providing you with the knowledge to make an informed choice, MSP saves you time and hassle.


Regular market updates can also be sent straight to your inbox so you’ll always be aware of the latest news affecting your money.

Whether you’re moving hundreds of miles or thousands, organizing a new life abroad can be daunting, stressful and financially stretching. Why not give yourself one less thing to worry about and engage the tried and tested services of a trusted currency service from MSP Currency Services?


There are many reasons for emigrating, such as work, retirement, adventure and improved life quality. Whatever your reasons, MSP can help you start your new life with as much money behind you as possible.

Buying or Selling Property Overseas ?
Buying or Selling Overseas Property?

When it comes to buying or selling property overseas, your choice of currency provider is as crucial as sourcing the the best real estate agent.


Property prices are significantly cheaper in some parts of the world than in the UK, but you will still be parting with a huge lump sum of money. When you deal with hundreds of thousands of pounds the rate at which you exchange your savings will make an enormous difference. MSP exchange rates could save you up to 5% on the high street banks – that means that by using our service to buy a £200,000 property abroad you could save up to £10,000, enough money to buy a brand new car or carry out significant renovation to the property to fit your taste and needs.


The currency exchange market is incredibly volatile, with rates fluctuating all the time. If you wish to plan and budget your property venture efficiently it is vital to know how much you are getting for your money. By using a Forward Contract MSP can freeze and guarantee a preferential rate for you up to a year in advance, this allows you to know exactly how much the property is going to cost you from the start.


You will be assigned a personal account manager who will update you with market reports and currency breakdowns. They will use their expert knowledge to analyze the market and inform you of the best time to exchange your money in order to get the maximum amount of currency for your savings. This allows you to focus on finding the perfect property, as we find for you the perfect exchange rate.


MSP will save you both time and money ensuring you get the best possible exchange rate at the right time, helping you purchase your property for the best possible price.

Making Regular Overseas Payments

The MSP payments service is a simple and highly cost effective way of sending money abroad on a regular basis. If you transfer a pension overseas or have school fees, wages or a mortgage to pay, it can be time consuming and costly to make those payments monthly. 


As with our one off payment transfers, MSP can offer you a commercial rate on your regular payments. This stress-free service is available for those making regular transfers of between £500 and £10,000 per month, over a minimum period of 6 months. You can even take out more than one plan at a time, which means it’s perfect for clients who need to make multiple regular transfers. 


If you want a highly competitive exchange rate for your regular transfers then look no further than MSP. We can save you an average of 3-5% over the rates offered by high street banks.


Furthermore, whilst banks typically add on a fee of £30 per transfer, ours cost just £10 – giving you an annual saving of £200 on transfer fees alone. Our regular payment plan is quick and easy to set up, and once it’s done we ensure that payments are made automatically on the day you select, so you won't need to do a thing. 

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