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We help a wide range of clients every year with their foreign exchange and international payment requirements. 

''Mike provides a hands-on quality service both to me and my clients and has always produced research which is very accurate which ultimately leads to enhanced foreign exchange on our respective capital.


 His value proposition is further delivered by an excellent back office infrastructure which can expedite deals quickly and efficiently, which is of great importance in this market.


 I had looked to find this type of service for many years and feel more than confident with reference to introducing more clients to Mike and his team" 

Barry Fromson

Wealth Fund Manager

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Our Mission

MSP Foreign Exchange Services was born out of one man's disappointment and frustration at the lack of informed opinion and honest professional advice offered by many of the commercial FX providers and high street banks. 


MSP Foreign Exchange Services is different, and exists to provide a bespoke advisory facility and execution platform in  physical FX delivery for the Corporate and Private sectors from someone who has actually been there, seen it, done it and still doing it!  


Our clients benefit from improved foreign currency exchange rates but also receive the best independent advice from a  highly successful former interbank FX trader to execute deals at the optimum moment, given your time frame and prevailing market conditions. 


MSP Foreign Exchange Services offers complete security of funds by executing trades only through preferred FCA and HMRC regulated providers.

Best rates of exchange
Secure Bank to Bank Transfers
100% Commission Free
Honest Expert advice
No Hidden Fees
Free Transfers (on £30,000 and above)
Our Mission

About Us

Mike Paterson

MSP Foreign Exchange Services was created by Mike Paterson, who set out on a mission to protect clients from currency risk whilst maximizing exchange rate opportunity.


Mike, or 'Oscar' as he is better known in the City, spent the majority of his career working in the interbank market as a highly successful FX Trader for both UBS and Credit Suisse as well as being Head of FX at the State Bank of Victoria London. With personal daily trading volumes in excess of $2-3 billion, Mike established himself as a trader of note combining professional and personal integrity with a cynical grasp of seizing market opportunity.


Since leaving the City Mike has been working as an independent consultant and now provides a bespoke advisory and execution platform for physical FX delivery to the Corporate and Private Sectors, as well as those wishing to better manage their currency trading. By minimizing unnecessary overheads and investing time into building a reputation through credibility, MSP offers companies and individuals outstanding exchange rates and provide an exceptional foreign exchange service without hidden fees or commission.


Mike also presents workshops and seminars at all levels throughout the UK, has written for numerous publications and was also part of the analysis team and co-owner at the highly regarded Other credits include multiple appearances on the Bloomberg TV channel plus radio stations including BBC's Radio 5 Live. Mike was also heavily involved in the formation of the UKMTA (UK Money Transmitters Association) which was created to provide an industry standard and voice for the commercial FX and cash remittance sectors whilst eliminating many of the less than ethical operators by ensuring that all payment providers were FSA regulated.


After 44 years involved in the industry Mike’s knowledge and inter-bank market contacts enable him and the MSPFX team to access the keenest market intelligence and convert that information into best advice for their clients.


Mike was born in Essex but now lives in Kent and remains passionate about music, a proud supporter of Southend United FC for 56 years, as well as being a keen cricketer and member of the historic Sevenoaks Vine club and MCC.






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